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tv   Inside Story  Al Jazeera  March 15, 2014 5:30pm-6:01pm EDT

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keep on fighting...'s so seldom you get that access to the other side. >> faultlines: on the front lines with the taliban then an america tonight: special edition, only on al jazeera america it is the inside story. ♪ . >> hello, i'm ray swarez, the man who used to be jorge mario is cardinal arch bishop has shown he is a master of flipping the script. it started from the moment the votes that made him the head of the worldwide catholic church were counted an enormous crowd gathering in st. peters square, the cheering throng was
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waiting for the new pope to pray for them. in his first request was that they pray for him. the first pope from the global south has brought an abrupt departure in style from his predecessor, said striking and surprising things blown like a strong breeze of his tiny state. and maybe hasn't changed all that much. yet. an old church, a new pope, the what we don't know yet what could be an era of change in the word's largest group on this edition of inside story. we will start this look forward with a look back at a momentous year. who am i to just, five small worlds and a seemingly simple answer to a tough question, but this phrase among many others catapulted the new pope to media stardom, and has catholics asking if francis is a pontiff u.s. line many of his predecessors.
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it was july, the new pope had only been installed four earl year, and with a flight back when he was asked about gays in the church, pope fran since said if a person is gay, and seeks god and has goodwill, who am i to judge. in doing so the pope supported his priests in a way no pope ever had. he didn't scold, he embraced. the moment landed him on the cover as the most influential person of the year in the american gay rights magazine, the advocate. saying the brevity of that statement, and the outsized attention it got immediately are evidence of the pope's sway. editors applauded him, saying therd whos resonate beyond the u.s. to the 1.2 billion catholics around the word. >> wonderful, i like this year with the pope. you have to pay attention, because i think he is going to make history. >> a year after his core nation, pope frances has been received in unprecedented popularity,
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as the first pope from south america, the 77-year-old appears unfettered by the trappings of life. born jorge the arch bishop was known for his humility, and modernizing the church, which was among the most 70 in latin america. from an order that focused on a dune to earth style, with an emphasis on social justice. the hope chose his name -- the friars gave up his wealth to serve the poor in today's, the servant of the servants of god is seen living the worlds just days after his election, he washed the feet of 12 young inmates.
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two of the 12 were young women, one a muslim prisoner. previous popes had performed the ritual in st. peters with priests representing the 12 disciples, in his first pastoral visit pope francis dismissed protocol and politics and traveled to the italian island the tiny island is the point of entry for refugees trying to reach mainland europe, the pope gave on what he saw as the global indifference to the refugee crisis. in november, pope francis bless add man suffering from a disfiguring disease, the man gently buried his head as many facial tumors were visible. the pope spontaneously embraced this man, surrounded by 50,000 people, that photo went viral on social media. spreading the word of god, riding around the vatican in a 1984, he appears to be the pope of
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the people. >> he is called upon his flock and citizens of the world to pray for a peaceful end to syria's civil war, last sent, he held a day of fasting and prayer. >> violence, war, bring only death. from politics to economics he has staked out a catholic position, notably wealth and poverty. >> the church, all of us have to strip ourselves of worldliness. >> and he has made reyou remember toes to the scandal wracked vatican bank, a priority in his first year, pope francis fired five cardinals who had been overseeing the bank. comments he made on what he called the dangers of capitalism drew ire from many year. in a recent research apology, the majority of
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catholics view pope transition as a change for the better. despite his popularity, and the wildly held view that he will bring change, is to called francis effect has made little impact on how they approach their faith. less than half of those who identify themselves as catholic attend maz weekly. another sign he hasn't yet lived up to the hype is that only a quarter say they have become more excited about their faith over the past year. his popularity is not as high among the traditionalist. the pope may be looking for ways to help the church reach the cat i feels that have wided the official teachings from the lives and practices of believers. while opening the discussion of such taboo topics as divorce, contraception use, and homo sexuality has given hope to the progressive
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members of the church. when francis' predecessor advocating his position, he withdrew from the world to focus on prayer, a conservative intellectual preached a stricter interpretation of the faith, pope francis still seeks advise from his quieter predecessor, but to many they are seen as different as day and night. >> it is like having a grandfather, when a grandfather is home and he is seen and heard, he never interferes. >> the two popes are expected to be seen together next month, when both john paul is second is made a saint, pope francis marked his anniversary today in a similar way, tweeter please pray for me. but since that night he first appeared on the balcony overlooking st.
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peters square there's not been any major change in church policy or doctrine, in that way, the francis effect has yet to be seen. both in style and substance, he has modeled a church that is less grand, less removed from the faithful, less fascinating with titling, deference and protocol. joining us on this edition of inside story to talk about where the bishop of rome is leading 16th of humanity are from washington lodge time roam correspondent for time magazine, now a contributor to world affairs journal. president of a catholic university in south florida, and also here in d.c., marie dennis, co preponderate of packs christie international, she was most recently director of the office of global concerns for the
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mary noll sister as catholic religious order. is it a mission take to read both too much and not enough into this popes first year. >> well, as you say, it is the first year. and he's packed a great deal into it. but also as you say, a lot of it is style. and we are just beginning to get the real impact of the substance. i do want to say one thing, which i probably will not have a chance to say later on, because we are getting carried away with the real stuff, he is two people. he has two roles. he is the spiritual head of 1.5 billion catholics he is also the head of state. he is the supreme court head of state of the vatican city state. which is known in diplomatic terms as the holy city. as such, he is an absolutely reeler.
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so he started off at unaccounted demographic. now in terms of politics and international politics he has an enormous staff. he is accredited to many many countries including the united states. and including a lot of other countries that are not catholic countries. so there are the moral authority of the scene to his faithful, to the catholics but there is also in a sense the authority that he has as a head of state. who can influence matters directly on a political level. he has not done anything about that, and all of this sort of low key approach is interesting but one wonders how he does things like receive accreditations from am
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bass doors and that kind of thing. how he deal deals with the secretary of state. but i did just want to put that into the context of the whole thing. >> we will try to talk about both of those things. >> we will talk about that later, i want to give other people a chance. >> right. >>ky go on forever. >> and you -- jim, are people trying to assess this first year telling us more about themselves than they are about the pope himself? >> well, i think that is the nature. it become as reference point for every individual whether you are catholic or not. if you are catholic, this is the bitter cross. so when you see a penalty emerge, of course you are captivated whether you are catholic or not. his first year was ink
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inspirational. and also i think very encouraged to see faithful adherence to what has been long standing teaching and so when you see i think is someone beautifully different, and beautifully consistent with what the church teaches and i think people are just getting to know him. when you think about this, nobody has heard about this man outside of an too large that, i am taking a group to rome, and you can't imagine the excitement. waiting to see, what is it you are waiting to see. >> i 30 the first year has displayed in pope francis a really beautiful sense of integrity. what he has called the church to, what he has called each of us to, he has demonstrated in many ways.
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and is simplicity of the way he is living and reaching out to different groups in such a warm way i think that we are now waiting to see what will be the truth of the changes that he is making some of the structural changes the gathering of the eight cardinals to advice him, and thousand that will effect the decision making structure in the vatican. i think we are waiting to see how he will bring women into more positions of decision making. when we return, we will fry to touch on all these points. the church as a spiritual leader and looking out to the rest of the world, and the influence that
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this church has in the twenty-first century. this is inside story, stay with us. >> scared as hell... >> as american troops prepare to leave afghanistan get a first hand look at what life is really like under the taliban. >> we're going to be taken to a place, where they're going to make plans for an attack. >> the only thing i know is, that they say they're not going to withdraw. >> then, immediately after, an america tonight special edition for more inside and analysis. >> why did you decide to go... >> it's extremly important for the western audience to know why these people keep on fighting...'s so seldom you get that access to the other side. >> faultlines: on the front lines with the taliban
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then an america tonight: special edition, only on al jazeera america
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story.come back to inside in the first year pope francis has become a target of media fascination, and enjoying the affection of millions around the world. on this edition of inside story, we're examining his record so far, and talking about the future of the catholic church. and roland, in our last segment, you reminded us that he is both the head of state and can a spiritual leader. does 24 pope, as you watch him, talking to the world, assume a different kind of world? where a pope simply can command obedience, and tell people what too think? he is operating in an information echo system, if you will, where the church is just one of
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many influencers in society, and therefore you have to talk to people in a slightly different way? >> very much so. i think i agree with both of my colleagues that the he has in fact generated an enormous amount of excitement. there's one thing i think which we have to -- i think guard against, there which i think he himself is aware of. and that is to raise expectations too high and then disappoint people. he doesn't. because that's certainly not what paul the 6th did, and very much not what the 12 did. he didn't talk to anybody, and i don't think he thought of himself as ask ordinary man.
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i think he is trying to dampen expectations when he starts these i'm just like you fellas. >> because, of course, this could -- this is in a way a gamble and it could backfire. is that necessary to do in a world where a lot of people are turning away from organized religion. larger and larger fractions oif overall population has no use for religion i don't know at all. does the pope first have to beckon them back before giving them orders in. >> yes, of course. i think that's very true. but at the same time i think his expression is very genuine, what he is calling us to is reflective of who he is as a country, his experience as a latin american part of the church that went flu such a tremendous shift in the
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late 1960's from a church of people of privilege, to a church on the side of those who are impoverished had a tremendous impact on him personally. obviously. so yes, he does have to beckon us back. even though of thaws are still part of the church. he would go on to have a very long legacy, because he became pope, and was still in very good health, until the as is nation attempt. do you almost put a lot of pressure on the agenda? does he have to move quickly if he wants to put his statute on the church in what may be a much briefer time. >>
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now you see this hope pretty much the same. when the cardinals placed him in office, i think there is an awareness, that they don't have a lot of life ahead of them. there is an urgency, but at the end of the day, the pope is a spiritual leader. he is to pray, they are to be holy. this pope through the joy of the gospel, it is a beautiful invitation for a joyful christianity, yes, the college of cardinals elected an individual that is 77. they are aware of that. they didn't want someone with 20 years
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of experience, but they also prayed and this is the individual that they discerned should lead the church. i would say i have heard one individual say, pope john paul ii said here is what we believe, and here is why, and now we with have pope francis saying here is how you live it out. taking a short break now, we will talk about the influence that the pope still retained in a world where most people are not catholic. stay with us. >> twenty five years ago, pan am flight 103 exploded in the skys above lockerbie. only one man was convicted of the attack >> the major difficulty for the prosecution, that there was no evidence... >> now a three year al jazeera investigation, reveals a very different story about who was
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responsible >> they refuse to look into this... >> so many people at such a high level had a stake in al megrahi's guilt. lockerbie: what really happened? on al jazeera america
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only on al jazeera america.
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welcome back to inside story. on this edition of the program we are talking about pope francis' first year leading the catholic church. he chose to step down, siting his age and health, and while almost totally removed he is still around, and the vatican he vacated is much the same. or is it. marie dennis at the time that benedict left office two things were weighing very heavily. the conditionsble financial scan careds and the clergy sex abuse that in many countries still hadn't been dealt with in any way that satisfied the people in the pukes. has the pope gotten his arms around this
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yes, of course, he has to. those are two extremely important matters that must have dealt with. the pope has it seems quite clearly dealt with the vatican bank with the financial problems and i think although he made a misstep, in how he was perceived to have spoken about in scandal, i think that my understanding is that he is committed to doing what needs to be done. to hold them to account and to in whatever ways are possible, make recompense so those that have been injured. those are tremendous scandals that have been very damaging not only to those that are looking on from the outside, but of course to the churchist. so yes, the pope must deal with them, must deal with them in a very
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straight forward way, and i believe that his emphasis on inclusion, and on the building of right relationships with everyone in the circle can help him move in the right direction. in that sense. there are have many other important matters he must attend to as well. >> the chunk just came through some difficult years where it seems like the only thing you read about the catholic church despite many things going on among 1.2 billion people, was about the clergy sex abuse as it seemed to explode in one country after another. we have to remember that he spent his live very close to people, so i
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think he bring as new perspective to the wound that that kind of betrayal represented. clearly the church has been repented what has taken place. it was a grote wound, and now as we move forward, the church has to have in place systems to keep this from happening again. i think he is committed to that. and i think his reform will lead toward reform that will hold them accountability and get them out to do these kind of things. he is aware of this terrible wound that is hurt the church terribly. i think he is committed to keeping it from happening again. as a way to weaken the church, weaken his ability to lead, and so
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in the midst of that kind of struggle within the church, i think he will pray and lead and not be worried about whether he is pleasing everyone. >> do you agree with jim that the changes, the changes at the top and among advise discoers and senior officers are the beginning of a process that will disspell this cloud. >> yes, i think -- by the way, about the matter of age, pope john the twenty-third was 81 when he was elected and he managed to create fundamental change both for catholics and the rest of the world.
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then i think they can achieve it is they want to achieve. european sanctions think this idea that he is reformed the vatican a little premature. what he has done is scratched the surface of an institution that's been around for thousand years. and it is extremely difficult to say whether he will win or not win with. >> that brings us to the end of inside story, thank you for being with us, in washington. i'm ray swarez. >>
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[ ♪ music ] >> you're watching al jazeera america. i'm jonathan betz in new york. >> crimea is part of the ukraine today, it will be part of ukraine tomorrow. it will be part of ukraine next week. >> pushing to keep ukraine together powerful words from the united nations on the eve of a controversial vote. >> mal-asia's prime minister calls flight 370 disappearance a deliberate act. three years today the war in syria began. we look back at how much


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